Discovery call

I want to know what your goals and concerns are and also share with you the services I offer. In the discovery call, you will get the chance to review what you want out of Nutritional Therapy and also learn more about the support I offer and my skill set.

15 minutes - Free

Wellness Package - $450

  • New client appointment (90 minutes, in person) - Your first appointment covers your health history, your current health concerns and goals, a review of symptoms and an evaluation of your food journal. You will also receive part of the Functional Evaluation to identify which body systems are in need of the most support. From there, you will go through the Lingual-Neuro testing process to discover what nutrient support is best for your body. You will leave this appointment with a lifestyle, supplement and nourishment protocol that is unique to your needs.

  • Follow up appointment (1 hour, in person) - Each follow up appointment includes a review of current symptoms, tracking how the protocol is working and making any dietary and supplemental adjustments. It also includes a continuation of the Functional Evaluation and Lingual-Neuro testing to continue to test different body systems and the specific support they need. Lastly you will be asked to complete three additional days of a food journal and an online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire so progress can be measured and tracked.

  • Phone check-in (45 minutes, remote) - This check-in allows us to connect about specific needs or questions that have come up. As the process of Nutritional Therapy unfolds your body starts to adjust and with that, the need could arise to refine your protocol.

  • Phone check-in (30 minutes, remote) - This final call allows us to connect about the final details of your nutritional therapy protocol.